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  • Date: November 2019
  • Sasco Group: Sasco Projects
  • News Type: Port Terminals, Fruit Handling, South Africa.

Combined Road Rail Weighbridge With a Strength of 100T.

A road rail weighbridge with a strength of 100T was required, but due to regulations, this had to be verified to only 80T. The site location was a port where the sea air is salty.

The solution Sasco provided was to install the Sasco WB- RR weighbridge, with a marine paint specification guaranteed for decades. However, to provide the added strength to 100T 14T of additional steel was included in the design.

The DD1010 indicator was installed together with CPD load cells and Sasco ProWeigh + software, thus enabling this single concrete deck weighbridge to provide axle weights as well as a total weighing result to within 99.99% verified accuracy (5kg error on 80,000kg).

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