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Accurate, robust, and reliable rail weighing systems with the requisite trade approvals.

Rail Weighing: The development of hundreds of new mines throughout Africa is driving the resurgence of rail as the optimal system for transporting vast volumes of bulk products to coastal ports for export. These products must be weighed, and this is driving demand for accurate, robust, and reliable rail weighing systems with the requisite trade approvals.

Sasco’s range of trade approved rail weighing systems comprise both static and weigh-in-motion scales.

The RW-WB static rail weighbridge is ideal for ultra-heavy truck loadings achieving accuracy levels of 99.95% on the system with loadings of up to 120 tons. The system comprises two modules and is of a low-profile design, enabling it to be mounted at ground level reducing civil costs.

If high-speed trade approved rail weigh-in-motion is the need the optimal solution is Sasco’s RW-WM  system. The RW-WM is trade approved and can weigh trains up to 60 kmph. The technology is of a retrofit design meaning it can be installed on existing tracks, with no rail cutting or sleeper replacement.

The RW-WM, when installed with Dynamass reporting software, provides an array of operational functions including RFID automated wagon identification, the total integration real-time of weighing data to customer IT systems, tare weighing using wagon tares and other cloud-related networking capabilities.

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