August 2018

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Sasco has the largest industrial weighing Maintenance Contract base, in South Africa and this has been the case for many years.

Maintenance Contracts in the weighing industry have been around for decades, and the benefits presented for customers entering into such contracts include:

• A scheduled maintenance plan administered by the weighing service provider.
• Lower verification prices.
• Lower service call-out rates.
• Lower spares pricing.
• A commitment to a given response time.


The well-established “benefits of a Maintenance Contract” listed above, do not fully explain the significant growth Sasco has seen over the past few years in its Maintenance Contract base.

Other factors are seemingly coming into play, and these probably include:

• A desire by corporate groups to standardize equipment, including all types of weighing equipment, around suppliers that supply and service a range of installed technologies;

• The introduction of supplier vetting, to include Health and Safety Compliance and validation that service staff are properly trained in a formal manner on the equipment they are to support;

• Specifically, in the case of vehicle weighing and compliance with the Road Traffic Act, the decision to standardize around “one solution” that provides axle weighing compliance;

• The growing importance of “weighing data integration” and the desire to deal with one weighing service provider that can deliver both the hardware solutions and the software data integration as well; and

• Finally, BBBEE compliance.


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