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The Sasco Africa weighing range is the most comprehensive in Africa. The range includes both general weighing equipment and advanced weighing systems for specific industrial and commercial sectors.

Sasco Africa is the distributor, service support provider and system software integrator for the Sasco range in Africa. Founded in 1910 Sasco Africa is the largest weighing company in Africa focused on providing comprehensive service support through a seamless integrated infrastructure.

The Sasco Africa product range is characterized by its durability, quality, value and full service support for decades after installation. The Group's mission, as it approaches its 100th anniversary, is to build on this cornerstone by expanding its products and services to more dedicated industrial and commercial sectors.

Service Support 

Sasco Africa is commitment to maintaining and building on the cornerstone of its heritage - that of continuing after sales service and support. The Group has the largest owned and operated weighing service network in Africa. Notwithstanding this, Sasco is committed to expanding its branch infrastructure in Africa.

The majority of the Group's service branches are located within South Africa. Economic recovery coupled with corporate expansion into the Southern African region has motivated Sasco Africa to significantly expand its branch infrastructure in this region. The Group's service network now comprises of 17 service branches of which 8 are outside the borders of South Africa.


Global Suppliers

The close interface of the Origination division with customers changing needs has enabled Sasco Africa to maintain a pro active product procurement programme with global suppliers.

Customer Call Centre

Our level of customer service is continually monitored across our network by our Customer Call Centre. Customer service is measured by a Customer Satisfaction Scorecard and unsatisfactory levels of service is escalated to Senior Management.

Response times are monitored from the time of logging until completed to customer satisfaction. Customer reporting options include, in multiple formats, daily, weekly and monthly service response times.

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