Public Weighing


GrassemereN1 SouthJohannesburg: 56km - NVaal Plaza Truck Stop: 65km - N
HeildelbergN3 SouthBenoni: 60km - NSasco Benoni: 11km - N
Mooi RiverN3 SouthHarrismith: 4.5km - EHighway Junction: 157km N
BritsN4 EastPretoria: 70km - EPomona Truck Stop: 47km - E
Gaborone BorderN4 WestZeerust: 105km - EPomona Truck Stop: 373km - E
Beit BridgeN1 SouthPretoria: 486km - EPomona Truck Stop: 47km - E
GroblersburgN11 EastGroblersburg: 12km - EPomona Truck Stop: 412km - S
BethalN17 EastErmelo: 56km - ESasco Benoni: 132km - W
KomatipoortN4 EastKomatipoort: 42km - WSasco Benoni: 416km - W
MachadodorpN4 EastBelfast: 27km - WSasco Benoni: 215km - S/W
KinkelbosN2 South/EastColchester: 10km - S/WHighway Junction: 871km - N
BothavilleR30 South/EastOrkney: 53km - NVaal Plaza Truck Stop: 124km - N/W
KroonstadN1 South/EastWelkom: 73km - S/WVaal Plaza Truck Stop: 101km - N/E
WallmannsthalN1 EastHamanskraal: 23km - S/EPomona Truck Stop: 68km - S
UmdlotiN2 EastVerulam: 10km - WHighway Junction: 316km - N/W
VryheidR69 EastBhekuzulu: 5km - EHighway Junction: 224km - S/W
Mantsole North BoundN1 NorthBela-Bela: 57km - NPomona Truck Stop: 119km - N
Middelburg East BoundN4 EastHendrina: 53km - N or Emalahleni 31km - ESasco Benoni: 135km - E
KimberlyN12 North/EastWarrenton: 77km - NVaal Plaza Truck Stop: 383km - N
BapongN4 EastMooinooi: 16km - S/WPomona Truck Stop: 118km - E
Potchefstroom North BoundN12 NorthStillfontein: 36km or N/Klerksdorp 50km - EVaal Plaza Truck Stop: 70km - N
Potchefstroom South BoundN12 SouthKlerksdorp: 50km or E/Stillfontein 36km - SVaal Plaza Truck Stop: 70km - N
VissershoekN7 EastMelkbosstrand: 15km - S/EVaal Plaza Truck Stop: 1324km - E
MoorreesburgN7 NorthPiketberg: 30km - NVaal Plaza Truck Stop: 1299km - N/E
RawsonvilleN1 EastWorcester: 20km - EVaal Plaza Truck Stop: 1225km - E
JoostenbergN1 South/WestStellenbosch: 21km - EVaal Plaza Truck Stop: 1285km - N/E
KlawerN7 NorthVredendal: 20km - NVaal Plaza Truck Stop: 1166km - N/E
Beuafort WestN12 North/EastOudtshoorn: 85km - S/WVaal Plaza Truck Stop: 855km - N
SwellendamN2 SouthHeidelberg: WC 56km - EVaal Plaza Truck Stop: 1293km - N/E
ErmeloN17 EastBreyten: 29km - NSasco Benoni: 188km - W
PinetownN3 EastPietermaritzburg: 59km - N/WHighway Junction: 277km - N/W

For Transporters whose fleets are registered with Sasco Pay & Weigh, electronic copies of all SOLAS weighing tickets generated are transmitted to responsible officers designated by the Transporter.