Road Weigh-In-Motion

Weigh-in-Motion systems are the ideal system for high volume locations, like logistics centers, where there was previously no need for a scale.

Sasco’s Road Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) systems are a pivotal component of our extensive Truck Weighing Systems portfolio, designed to meet the critical demands of axle load regulations.

These systems empower transport operators to adhere to legal standards for both total and axle weights, ensuring seamless compliance. Tailored for high-traffic areas such as logistics hubs, where conventional scales are redundant, our WIM System is recognized for its exceptional efficiency and practicality.

Among our comprehensive range of truck weighing solutions, which includes multi-deck weighbridges, group axle weighers, and weigh pads, the WIM System distinguishes itself as a streamlined, economical, and durable option.

The WIM’s compact design, with a flush-mounted deck spanning merely 2.9 square meters, is particularly advantageous for settings with spatial constraints. Engineered for resilience, it supports axle weights of up to 15T tons, offering versatility for weighing vehicles of any length and catering to a broad spectrum of transportation requirements.

The system operates effectively at speeds up to 5 km/h, delivering an impressive accuracy rate of approximately 99% for total mass measurements. This level of precision underscores the Sasco WIM series as a benchmark in accurate in-motion vehicle weighing at low speeds.

Our suite of offerings, including the Low-Speed Basic (WIM 1000), Low-Speed Advanced (WIM 2000), Low-Speed Ultra (WIM 3000), and Low-Speed Cybernetic (WIM 4000), positions Sasco at the forefront of innovation in slow-speed weigh-in-motion technology.

Elevate your weighing operations with the Sasco WIM System, redefining the standards of precision and efficiency in the transportation sector, and embrace the future of compliant, high-performance vehicle weighing.

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Weigh-in-Motion systems are ideal for high volume locations.