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Providing transporters and logistics service providers with access to state of the art multi-deck weighbridges that provide real-time axle weighing and SOLAS weighing data.

Sasco Pay&Weigh is partnering with the road freight sector through providing transporters with access to a network of trade approved, highly accurate digital multi deck weighbridges providing drivers with the option of doing overloading total weight and axle weight compliance weighing as well as SOLAS weighing of containers.

With stringent weight regulations and potential fines associated with violating regulations, combined with the requirement that all containers being exported be weighed, Sasco Pay & Weigh provides a much-needed service to the trucking public.

Furthermore, Sasco stands behind the accuracy of its weighing systems, including in those instances where the road transporters are presented with fines from often less accurate state owned and operated weighing stations.

In addition to providing physical weighing tickets compliant with the Road Traffic Act and/or IMO SOLAS Regulations, Sasco provides to those road transporters who pre-register their fleets with Sasco on the Sasco Pay & Weigh Cloud, with on account weighing with 30 days credit and immediate electronic copies of all physical total weight, axle weight and SOLAS weighing tickets generated.

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Sasco Pay & Weigh provides a much-needed service to the
trucking public.