Weighbridge Upgrades

Sasco has state-of-the art weighing technology and software together with the associated regulatory approvals to enable most weighbridges to be upgraded. Click here to download our latest upgrade list.

First and foremost, the necessity to upgrade existing weighbridges is driven by the benefits afforded by the dramatic advancements in weighing instrumentation. Replacing load cells and the indicator with state-of-the-art weighing technology can radically improve the accuracy of existing weighbridges while vastly improving reliability and reducing downtime.

The necessity to upgrade existing weighbridges is further driven by the fact that overloading regulations have been enacted across most African countries. Logistics providers must now ensure that trucks comply with overloading regulations on axle weights and total weight. However, Africa’s existing installed weighbridge base comprises predominantly standard single-deck weighbridges that only provide total truck weight.

Sasco’s cost-effective, proven, and popular upgrade solutions, approved for most installed weighbridges, deliver improved accuracy and reliability and enhanced weighbridge functionality to deliver both axle weights and total weight.

Download our weighbridge upgrade approval list to find out if your current weighbridge is compatible with our upgrade solutions.

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