Silo & Tank Weighing

Sasco’s range of silo and bulk tank measuring solutions encompass both weight based and radar volumetric based technologies delivering exceptional accuracy.

Accurately determining the quantity of products stored in silos or bulk storage tanks, whether in bulk or liquid form, is often a critical requirement in industries such as oils, chemicals, grain, and animal feeds. Accurate and reliable volumetric or weight measurements are necessary for quality control, inventory management, and sometimes also regulatory compliance.

To measure the contents of these silos or tanks, Sasco offers two technologies: weight-based using load cells and volumetric-based using radar sensors. Load cell-based bulk tank weighing measures the weight of the tank and its contents using load cells mounted underneath the tank or silo. These sensors detect the weight by measuring the force applied to them and send readings to a digital indicator or controller for weight calculation. On the other hand, radar-based bulk tank volume measuring uses radar waves to bounce off the surface of the liquid or solid, and a sensor detects and calculates the distance to determine the volume based on the tank’s dimensions.

Both systems have advantages and disadvantages. Load cell based systems are exceptionally accurate but the design and size of the silos or bulk tanks may prevent load cells being fitted to the structure. Radar-based systems while slightly less accurate, can be used on any size silo or bulk tank and are comparatively easy to install.

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