Weighing Products

Sasco offers the widest range of industrial and commercial weighing systems, scales, software and spares to the African market.

Sasco offers the widest range of industrial and commercial weighing systems, scales, software, and spares to the African market. Our products are sourced globally from the world’s leading technology suppliers and sold under the Sasco brand.

Sasco’s customers are the leading mining, transportation, sugar, grain, timber, agricultural, logistics, port, manufacturing, and processing groups in the continent as well as numerous medium-sized companies both in these sectors and the general industrial and retail sectors, as well as other scale companies.

Sasco Weighing Systems comprise our range of advanced weighing and scale solutions and include road weighbridges, road weigh-in-motion, rail weighing, rail weigh-in-motion, process weighing, weighing software, weighing automation, lightning and power protection and weighing civil construction.

Sasco Weighing Warehouse comprises our range of indicators and controllers, load cells, platform scales, dimensional weighing, axle weighing, shipping container weighing, commercial and retail scales, personnel weighing, crane scales, and weights.

Whatever the need, and wherever the installation – Sasco products can provide the solution.

Axle Weighing

Explore Sasco’s broad spectrum of axle weighing solutions, from portable weigh pads to advanced unmanned systems with vehicle recognition

Civil Works

Sasco offers three meticulously crafted civil specifications, each thoughtfully paired with a distinct warranty duration so our clients get what they need.

Commercial & Retail

Discover Sasco’s diversified commercial and retail scales – cost-effective and user-friendly, ranging from floor check scales to intuitive retail printing scales.

Silo & Tank Weighing

Sasco presents both weight-centric and radar volumetric technologies for silo and tank measurements, ensuring unparalleled precision.

Inline Check Weighers

Explore Sasco’s versatile line of inline checkweighers, designed for precision and speed across various product dimensions.

Hopper Scales

Our hopper scales are designed to be accurate and user-friendly. They are perfectly tailored to handle a vast array of products with unparalleled efficiency.

Driver Terminals

Enhance weighbridge operations with Sasco’s weighbridge driver terminals, engineered for peak efficiency through full automation.

Bagging Scales

Navigate through Sasco’s spectrum of bagging scales, from semi-automatic to fully automated, ensuring precise dispensing for various bag dimensions.

Throughput Weighers

Our throughput weighers seamlessly merge high speed with precision, ensuring they are up to the challenge of diverse production demands.

Crane Scales

Sasco’s digital crane scales merge accuracy with robustness, complete with a rechargeable battery, defining the pinnacle of crane weighing solutions.

Impact Weighing

Enhance weighing precision in industrial settings with Sasco’s minimal-maintenance impact weighers, perfect for granules to powders.

Indicators & Controllers

Sasco bridges basic weight displays to intricate automated processes with leading-edge technology tailored for modern industrial demands.

Lightning Protection

Guard your weighing systems with Sasco’s SPD-3000, designed to shield against power surges, voltage fluxes, and lightning.

Load Cells

Dive into our collection of load cells. Each is meticulously crafted, showcasing our dedication to unparalleled accuracy, durability, and consistent performance.

Personal Weighing

We prioritize accuracy and ease of use, ensuring they seamlessly cater to the specific demands of pediatricians and physicians alike.

Platform Scales

Discover Sasco’s vast array of platform scales, including standard industrial weighbridges available in multiple lengths.

Process Weighing

Sasco’s “in transit” weighing solutions ensure precise measurements during manufacturing, storage, distribution, or loading operations.

Rail Weighing

Discover our trade-approved rail weighing systems. Engineered for both static and dynamic applications, they provide the reliability and precision that you need.

Road Weighbridge

Sasco’s Road Weighbridges Weighing Systems are designed to provide reliable performance under the most challenging conditions.

Road Weigh-In-Motion

Optimize high-volume locations with Sasco’s Weigh-in-Motion systems, a perfect solution for places previously without scales.

Shipping Container Scale

Navigate Sasco’s shipping container scales, designed for simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and compliance with IMO standards.

Weighing Automation

Experience the future with Sasco’s weighbridge automation: a harmonious blend of hardware and software for modern weighbridge operations.

Weighing Software

Sasco has sought to develop a software platform that can, from the outset, be easy to use while at the same time provide an array of functionality options.

Calibration Weights

View our calibration weights, curated to meet the precision demands of varied applications, ensuring each measurement stands the test of accuracy.

Weighbridge Upgrades

Upgrade with Sasco – blending cutting-edge weighing technology and software with regulatory approval to modernize almost any weighbridge.

Belt weighing

Belt Weighing

Upgrade with Sasco – blending cutting-edge weighing technology and software with regulatory approval to modernize almost any weighbridge.