Impact Weighing

Sasco’s range of impact weighers are both robust, cost effective and highly accurate for all your industrial and commercial needs.

Impact weighers are commonly used in industrial settings to accurately measure the weight of materials such as granules, pellets, and powders. These systems work by utilizing the impact force generated by the material as it falls past a weighing friction plate which is typically a plate mounted on a load cell.

The load cell measures the force generated by the impact, providing a weight reading. The accurate measurement for internal operational purposes of granular product discharges from silos, bulk storage tanks, or within a production process can be vital. These are the most common applications for Impact weighers where traditional weighing methods may not be practical or effective.

To ensure robustness and durability in industrial settings, several factors need to be considered when designing impact weighers. These include construction materials such as stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant metals that can withstand harsh environments, load cell design that can handle the weight and impact force of the materials being weighed, feeding mechanisms that deliver materials consistently and accurately, robust software and electronics with self-diagnostic capabilities and fail-safe systems, and regular calibration and maintenance to ensure accuracy and reliability over time.

A robust impact weigher should be designed to withstand the challenging conditions of industrial settings, provide accurate and reliable weight measurements, and require minimal maintenance and calibration over time.

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