Automatic Throughput Weighers

Sasco’s range of Automatic Throughput Weighers provide the optimal solution to businesses requiring both high-speed and high-accuracy in the weighing of products in production processes.

Automatic Throughput Weighers are advanced scales designed to accurately measure and record the weight of product as it flows through a production process. Models include specific scales designed to weigh products such as sugar juices and molasses used in both trade weighing and non-trade weighing applications. These products are in fluid form and are often at temperatures approaching boiling point.

Automatic Throughput Weighers comprise, in addition to load cells, an array of components such as sensors, numatics, PLCs and controllers. The design and the quality of the underling components in Automatic Throughput Weighers are critical to delivering consistently reliable and accurate results.

Common applications for automatic throughput weighers include:

Packaging: Automatic throughput weighers are commonly used in packaging applications to ensure that the correct amount of product is dispensed into each package. This is essential to maintain consistency and quality in the final product.

Quality control: Automatic throughput weighers can be used as a quality control tool to ensure that products meet specific weight requirements. This is particularly important in industries where over- or under-filling can have serious consequences, such as pharmaceuticals.

Inventory control: By accurately measuring the weight of products as they move through the production line, automatic throughput weighers can provide real-time data on inventory levels. This helps businesses to manage their inventory more effectively and reduce waste.

Process optimization: By continuously monitoring the weight of products, automatic throughput weighers can help businesses to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in their production processes. This allows for process optimization and can help to increase throughput and reduce costs.

Batch production: Automatic throughput weighers can be used to accurately measure ingredients for batch production processes. This ensures that the correct amount of each ingredient is used, resulting in consistent and high-quality products.

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