Understanding Inbuilt Lightning Protection in Load Cells

This technical insight focuses on how in built lightning protection works in load cells and a quick overview of the technology that Bilanciai uses.

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Bilanciai realised some years ago that in regions with high lightning strikes, that in addition to the normal “first layer In ground” lightning protection a “second layer” is required to provide full protection.

The “first layer “normally consists of a complete grounding of all the components in the system: platform, load cells and indicators are all connected to a unique ground reference in order to equalize ground voltage level even in case of lightning discharge.

Each load load cell kit includes an insulation disk (7) that interrupts  the electrical continuity between the load cell and the rest of the structure; a by-pass copper cable (10) drives the lightning voltage to ground without affecting the load cell body.

Last but not least the communication lines between indicator and load cells are optically isolated and this prevents the coupling with lightning discharge

A second layer  “active “ protection layer is realized by thermistors and zener overvoltage suppressors, mounted within the load cell on the main PCB, and gas discharger placed on the junction board.

This arrangement associates the fast turning time of zener suppressors with the high power capacity of gas dischargers in order to provide a complete protection.

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