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Sasco Metrology East Africa launches, introducing five new indicators awaiting approval, and secures a new role as an appointed Zemic agent.

  • Date: April 2023
  • Sasco Group: Sasco Metrology Services
  • News Type: Newsletter Updates
Sasco Africa is thrilled to announce the official launch of Sasco Metrology East Africa, based in Nairobi, Kenya. In collaboration with several key executives formerly from Avery East Africa, our goal is to become a leading industrial and process weighing company serving the entire East African weighing market.

Sasco is introducing a variety of new truck weighing and weigh-in-motion instruments, as well as advanced weighing automation, software, and process weighing solutions to the East African market.

We have submitted five new OIML-approved indicators to the Kenya Weights and Measures Board for approval to support these innovations. These include the sophisticated Bilanciai range of indicators compatible with both Bilanciai and Zemic load cells.

We are also excited to announce our appointment as a Zemic distributor. This enables us to offer a comprehensive range of Zemic load cells for sale through the Sasco Weighing Warehouse alongside our extensive selection of over 300 other products.

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