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Enhancing Accuracy and Efficiency in Industrial Operations.

  • Date: June 2023
  • Sasco Group: Sasco Metrology Services
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Sasco Africa’s range of process weighing solutions include Hopper Scales, Automatic Throughput Weighers, Impact Weighers, Inline Checkweighers, Bagging Scales and Silo and Tank Weighing systems.

These advanced weighing systems play a pivotal role in various industries, enabling accurate measurements, quality control, inventory management, and process optimization:


  • Hopper Scales are commonly used in agriculture, food processing, mining, and construction to weigh materials during manufacturing, ensuring accurate usage and inventory monitoring. They are instrumental in batching and blending processes, guaranteeing precise amounts of different materials for creating products that meet the required specifications. Hopper scales need robust construction, high-quality load cells, reliable weighing indicators, and durable mounting assemblies to withstand industrial conditions and deliver accurate and reliable weight measurements.
  • Automatic Throughput Weighers are designed to measure and record the weight of products as they flow through a production process. With specialized models for specific applications such as sugar juices and molasses, these weighers ensure precise measurements even for fluid products at elevated temperatures. Consistency, reliability, and accuracy are ensured by the integration of load cells, sensors, pneumatics, PLCs, and controllers, which form critical components of these weighers.
  • Impact Weighers are indispensable in industrial settings, accurately measuring the weight of materials such as granules, pellets, and powders. These systems utilize the impact force generated by the falling material on a weighing friction plate connected to load cells. The load cells measure the force, providing weight readings for internal operational purposes and ensuring precise measurements in scenarios where traditional weighing methods may not be practical or effective.
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  • Inline Checkweighers are automated machines used to verify the weight of products as they move along a conveyor belt in production lines. They ensure each product falls within the acceptable weight range, rejecting any under or overweight items. Vital in industries like food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and packaging, inline check weighers provide accurate weight measurements, high-speed operations, versatility in handling different product sizes and materials, user-friendly interfaces, durability, and safety features.
  • Bagging Scales are utilized in various industries to weigh and dispense specific amounts of dry bulk materials into open-mouthed bags. These scales are essential for accurate and efficient packaging. A bagging scale system typically includes a weighing scale, bagging machine, bag conveyor, control panel, and sometimes a dust collection system. Features such as accuracy, speed, durability, flexibility, user-friendliness, safety, and easy maintenance are critical for bag.
  • Silo and Tank Weighing in industries where accurate volumetric or weight measurements of stored products are critical, Sasco Africa offers two technologies: load cell-based bulk tank weighing and radar-based bulk tank volume measuring. Load cell-based weighing accurately measures the weight of tanks or silos and their contents using load cells, while radar-based volume measuring employs radar waves to calculate volume based on the distance to the liquid or solid surface. Both technologies have distinct advantages, with load cell-based systems offering exceptional accuracy and radar-based systems providing versatility for tanks of any size.

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