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Sasco Africa is The only company to be accredited by SANAS To calibrate Automatic Hoppers.

  • Date: November 2023
  • Sasco Group: Sasco Metrology Services
  • News Type: Newsletter Updates

Throughput weigher scales are pivotal in various industries, including cement batching, sugar production, food processing, animal feeds, and aggregate plants. These precision instruments are extensively utilized to measure and control the flow of materials throughout the manufacturing process:

In the cement batching industry, throughput weighers ensure accurate measurements of raw materials like cement, aggregates, and additives, facilitating precise mixtures for optimal concrete quality. Similarly, in the sugar industry, these scales aid in precisely blending ingredients, ensuring the consistency of sugar products.

In food processing, throughput weighers contribute to the accuracy of recipe formulations and the efficient production of packaged goods. Animal feed plants rely on these scales to precisely measure ingredients for balanced nutrition in animal diets. Aggregate plants use throughput weighers to monitor and control the flow of materials, ensuring the desired mix ratios for construction purposes.

Calibrating automatic hoppers

Accordingly, it is significant that Sasco has become the first company in South Africa accredited by SANAS under ISO 17025 to calibrate throughput weighers and hopper scales.

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