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Exciting Developments in Weigh-In-Motion: The Ultimate Solution for Trucking and Logistics. Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) technology is revolutionising Africa’s trucking and logistics sector.

  • Date: October 2023
  • Sasco Group: Sasco Metrology Services
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In the past, the primary reason for investing in weighbridges was to ensure accurate weighing of goods for dispatch or receipt by truck. If these weights were also used to determine the commercial value of transactions, then “trade approved and verified” weighbridges were necessary, in line with national metrology laws.

However, the landscape has evolved over the past decade. The phased introduction of overloading regulations in many African countries now demands more from weighing solutions. Regulations require the measurement of the total truck weight and the axle weights to ensure compliance with “overloading limits.”

Sasco has been at the forefront of this transformation. We offer one of the very few trade-approved, truly bidirectional multi-deck weighbridges. We are the only weighing company capable of upgrading instrumentation for standard single-deck weighbridges while retaining their trade approval. These upgrades allow for the measurement of both axle weights and total weights.


Total Enforcement of Overloading Regulations

Recent years have witnessed a significant upgrade in overloading enforcement across several African countries. This includes the construction of numerous weighing stations, the introduction of high-speed WIM traffic screening, and, most notably, the establishing of integrated national information systems linking all weighbridges. Kenya, for instance, has been a pioneer in these advancements.

In addition to these technological enhancements, a few African countries have ramped up overloading fines, ensuring that fines are paid in full. This approach has transformed national weighing stations into profit centres while preserving their national roads’ integrity. The highest known African overloading fine to date was issued in Kenya, amounting to USD 375,000.

In essence, all African countries are gradually moving towards the total enforcement of overloading regulations. This shift means that road haulage operators and their customers will increasingly have no choice but to fully comply with overloading regulations on major roads and minor routes.

Staying On the Right Side of Overloading Regulations

When loading operations involve either a multi-deck or standard weighbridge upgraded to provide axle weights, road haulage operators can ensure compliance with overloading regulations by utilising these weighbridges.

However, when such weighbridges are unavailable at or near the loading point, road haulage operators require a cost-effective solution that can accurately measure total weight and axle weight within the acceptable overloading tolerances. WIM presents itself as the ideal solution due to its cost-effectiveness and minimal space requirements.

How To Achieve High Precision Axle Weighing On Single Deck Weighbridges

Sasco WIM Deck requires limited space.

Over the past five years, Sasco has dedicated its efforts to perfecting the design, installation, operation, and accuracy of slow-speed WIM systems. Through rigorous testing, we have consistently achieved high levels of accuracy, with each weighing being cross-checked against the weights recorded on weighbridges located immediately after the WIM systems.

Using the Sasco WIM Deck as the standard weighing platform, Sasco has developed a range of different WIM system solutions options, all offering the same accuracy:



Installation of Cybernetic WIM 4000 at Zambezi Truck Stop

The advanced automation capabilities of the WIM 4000 have facilitated the implementation of completely unmanned WIM weighing at the Zambezi Truck Stop, located north of Pretoria, South Africa. Truckers who frequent this site now benefit from round-the-clock weighing services, operated without the need for human intervention.

They can obtain a weighing ticket effortlessly, and all pertinent weighing details are seamlessly transmitted electronically to their designated fleet manager.


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