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  • Date: July 2019
  • Sasco Group: Sasco Accreditation
  • News Type: NRSC Clarification

NRCS Policy Clarification Announcement Weighbridges To Be Verified To No More That 60T

The NRCS has made a policy clarification announcement to SANS 1649 under which, effective 15th July 2019, no weighbridge can be verified to more than 60T. 

This might lead customers to conclude that going forward all they need to specify is a deck capacity of 60 Tons. This is absolutely not the case.

While the maximum total load that can be weighed on a South Africa legal for trade weighbridge is 60T, this says nothing about the volume of weighing and more importantly axle loadings. 

The structural integrity of the weighbridge is the single most important consideration in the purchase of any truck scale. A failing weighbridge results in continued problems that can only be solved with replacement, while a sound correctly specified weighbridge should last decades.

One of the best ways to judge a scale’s strength and ability to withstand high-traffic volume is the weighbridge design and steel content. Ask your weighbridge supplier to show you the advantages and disadvantages of each weighbridge design. Also, ask your weighbridge supplier to provide the steel content of each manufacturer’s weighbridge so you can determine which scale is strong enough for your needs..

60T load High Axle Loadings

Two industry-recognized terms often associated with weighbridge capacity and vehicle scale load ratings are concentrated load capacity (CLC) and dual tandem axle (DTA). These ratings define the maximum load the weighbridge is designed to support by a group of two axles with a centre line spaced 1.25m apart and an axle width 2.5m feet apart. 

Sasco’s comprehensive range of weighbridge decks are all specified based on total gross deck capacity, the volume of daily weighing’s and axle loadings.

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