Mizani ya Jukwaa

Sasco has a comprehensive range of platform scales.

Platform scales are used in weighing products in a broad range of largely light industrial sectors with the majority of these scales being in the 150kg to 300kg capacities. In the heavy industrial sectors, platform scales are also used extensively with capacities being in the range of 1000kg to 5000 kgs.

Standard simple weighbridges, which do not provide the functionality of axle weighing and are not controlled by advanced indicators, can also be considered a platform scale, except one designed to weigh a truck or smaller vehicle. These are most commonly in the lengths 12m to 18m with capacities in the range of 40,000kg.

Sasco has a comprehensive range of platform scales which include standard industrial weighbridges in the lengths 6m, 12m, 18m, and 24m.

Sasco offers an unrivaled range of high performance platform scales.